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Blood paint

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Hey Ghouls and Ghoulettes,
I need your help. I've been looking for a realistic blood paint for a long time now. I found perma blood and cfx blood but the shipping for it is always nuts as I'm based in Ireland. I've used costume shop fake blood on props but it's not paint. Is there a way of making realistic blood paint or anywhere in England that sells it. Thanks guys
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I am in England and have the same problem. I was going to mix some red readymixed kids paint with a bit of blue to darken it and use that. Because it will dry matt, I was going to varnish it to make it glossy, considering a spray varnish as the paint is water based so wont take brushed on varnish well. Happy for any other ideas though. I also have some acrylic paints to try it with for smaller props.
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