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Blood colours

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What acrylic paint shades( I plan to grab several shades from Michael's) would be good for a darker dried blood look on clothing? Brick? Wine? I can pick a bright red easy, but this year I'm wanting my dress to have the look of Old blood stains , long dried. Maybe a rust colour? My last paint soaked gown seemed to have too much bright red gore like paint . I want that old dry stiff blood stained look...thanks for any suggestions!
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I use a wiiiiiide variety of colors, i've used brick, wine, but I also use like a chocolate brown, I think its called bittersweet chocolate. just kind of mix them together to get a look you like. also keep a cup of water handy to thin it out, it does give it a grungy dirty old feel. I like to give my props and costumes the dirty old blood base then lighten the colors as a fresh new blood look. (like base brown then layer with the top being red apple or crimson red and even cardinal red)
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