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Black &/Or White (With a touch of Red) Food

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Our theme is obviously Black &/Or White touch of Red will be alright, what food ideas do you have?

I know I am doing Meatballs & Alfredo , Trail mix with Black and White and Black & White Russians
for a featured drink
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I did this food theme a few years ago. I put a link to the table, (sorry, still can't figure out how to get an actual photo into a post).
I used sliced red bell pepper and placed it around a plate of hummus (not white but in the dim lights looked fine)
Cut up strawberries and sliced red pears.
wrapped sliced turkey around long thing breadsticks.
Brie it a great cheese and really white.
Meringue bones - Martha Stewart has an easy recipe.
yogurt covered raisins
Good luck and have fun!
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