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Bioshock Themed Halloween Party Prop

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I love throwing big Halloween parties each year and since 2011 I've had a major underlying theme. This past year (2012) I did a Bioshock theme (based off the videogame franchise). I wanted to go all out and decided to create some iconic props from the game. The opening sequence to the game really left a mark on my creative subconscious so I tried my hand at sculpting the giant 'Andrew Ryan' bust along with the accompanying banner. It's molded from my face and torso out of plaster and cardboard. It was ALOT of trial and error and didn't come out EXACTLY as planned but, for my first attempt at a major sculpture, I was pleased with the end result. I've always wanted to have a home haunt so I'm taking baby steps with the annual parties and creating the props before i leap into doing a full-on house. Let me know what everyone thinks! Advice? Criticism? Compliments?...I'm all ears!!


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Honestly, I can't believe no one else has commented about this. I love it! You did a great job on the bust. If you have any other photos, I would love to see them. Keep up the great work.
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