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Biggest bang for your buck

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Sometimes it's not the big stuff that gets the most thrills and chills! Which parts of your haunt give you the biggest return for the cost?

Mine would include:
  • music - free :D downloaded some songs from http://spookysoundtrack.com/ to play through hidden spekaers and boy it really set the mood!
  • fog machine - an investment but again, total mood-setter!
  • fire and ice lights - $20 each at Lowes, and we used them to project 'flames' into the windows, very effective
  • jumping spider - $30-ish on sale at Spirit? I put him by the door and his motion sensor wasn't tripping so I had to rig up a cord to tug at him, which worked fine and scared the HECK out of all the kids!
  • Gemmy talking witch - $80-ish on sale at Lowes, I put her out by the driveway for kicks and everybody loved her. biggest scare of the night was when she fell over and grown men jumped ten feet in the air and spilled their beer LOL!