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Big Top couch covers

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I wanted to cover the couches in my clown room, so decided on using white and red striped fabric. I couldn't find anything that was inexpensive, so we decided I would use a canvas tarp and paint the stripes. Got a tarp for $10, had some painters tape and went to buy paint. Found gallons for interior red matte paint for $2.30!!!!! SCORE! Here are some pics, laying like this it looks like a flag, but will cut them and they will run up and down. I will take a pic on the couches once the paint is completely dry. I think they look awesome. What do you all think? Road surface Floor Sidewalk Concrete Driveway
Property Flag Room Furniture Flag of the united states


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Came out great. How long did it take the paint to dry and did you get bleed through of the paint on the driveway?
wow, it's almost like you were there!! it totally bled thru on the driveway so we had to scrub with a wire pool brush.....But its still hanging up to dry til the weekend!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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