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Big scream tv

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HY ALL YOU COLL GOULS !!! Im new here and im looking for some info. on a product !! maybe some body here can help me !!! its about the ` THE BIG SCREAM TV dvds and cds !! I am from canada . and i called liteforms the people that make these dvds and cds . yess they tell me thay ship to canada. ok thats fine but are they ligit will i actuale get my order . because i do not see any paypal signs or anething of the same nature. and if yess his this product worth it . semes coll to me . thanks guys !!!!!
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I bought one of the Big Scream DVDs a few years back when Spirit Halloween Stores had them on display. Used it with the plexiglass and a 27-inch old tube-based TV for a nice effect. If you want to use the plexiglass for the floating in air effect, then you must have a picture tube TV for the effect since you can't get the very black effect you need from the flat screen TVs of today. You can of course use a flat screen to view the image but I like the plexiglass effect the best. Check out their website (someone posted it above) for more info on how to use. The forum board postings on the site were kind of old but the tips there were very useful and worth a read.

Last year I was hoping they would have done a DVD with some pirate theme effects. The DVDs are kind of whimsical and I would have liked more scarier images. Lots of good stuff for younger kids though. The website tells you how you can create your own effects DVD too if you have the right stuff and someone willing to dress up in costume and perform.

I've also purchased one or two of their sound effects CDs last year from them and own the X-treme Haunted House Makeover dvd which is good for beginner haunters. Of course the forum here is great for that kind of stuff too!!

I'd be happy to give the company a thumbs up based on my online purchase last year. Item was sent quickly and came in good condition. I might be wrong but I thought the company is also an advertising sponsor on this board (or was so last year at least), so it's nice to buy from someone who helps keep us running here.
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