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Big scream tv

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HY ALL YOU COLL GOULS !!! Im new here and im looking for some info. on a product !! maybe some body here can help me !!! its about the ` THE BIG SCREAM TV dvds and cds !! I am from canada . and i called liteforms the people that make these dvds and cds . yess they tell me thay ship to canada. ok thats fine but are they ligit will i actuale get my order . because i do not see any paypal signs or anething of the same nature. and if yess his this product worth it . semes coll to me . thanks guys !!!!!
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I have purchased the Xtreme Haunted House Make-Over, & their Thunderstorm cd, very happy with both. Yea, I've exchanged a few emails with them & they are a decent company. The quality of their sound effect cds are great & very reasonable for price.
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