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Somewhat Eccentric
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Doing pumpkins this year. Will be a combination of paper mache and blow molds with a few real ones too. We go to a community party that is mainly for the kids. Hubby and I are planning to go as Frankenstein's monster and his bride, though I don't know if I can get my hair to stand up. :D Undecided on the little one's costume, but thinking about a little bride of Frankenstein costume for her as well. This will be my daughter's third Halloween and she would be tickled if there was a treat or two for her.

Outside I'm plannning to have pumpkins all over the back deck and where my daughter can see them from her bedroom. May set up a cemetery as well if I get some kind of fence constructed (cat claws and styrofoam don't mix).

Inside I decorate all year long. Things like mini tombstones, busts, pumpkins, odd objects are scattered about. If it's weird, I'll probably like it. :D. While I tend to like things that are realistic and creepy, I do some cute stuff for my little girl.


Pumpkins - small or large, lighted or not, just no excessive glitter please!
Mini Tombstones or busts
gargoyles big or small
Paint - always running out of black and orange
classic vampires (Nosferatu, Lugosi, Christopher Lee) also love Barlow from the original 'Salems Lot
LED lights in just about any color (OK with battery operated sets)
LED tea lights in any color are always welcome.
I don't do real candles much anymore but love wax melts. Vanilla and pumpkin are my favorite scents
Skulls - big or small, short or tall, I love them all! Also love skull shaped bottles! I don't really care for Sugar Skulls though
Fake animal skeletons - any kind, would love a vulture :D
Minions (my daughter loves them and would be happy with anything with a minion on it)
Love Scooby Doo!
Candles - real or fake, I really love the wax LED ones
Any kids Halloween clothing 3T and up (I start dressing her in Halloween attire from September on - thrifted is OK)
Halloween Tees for me are awesome. I like them very roomy and generally buy men's 2X
I love homemade, thrifted and re-purposed!
Halloween themed flower pots
Halloween books or coloring books for toddlers
Halloween picture frames or any creepy looking frames
Anything Halloween themed for the kitchen
Red, black or glow-in-the-dark hot glue sticks - I have both the standard and mini guns
Black spider webs
Creepy cloth is always welcome - thinking of making curtains out of it for my studio/utility room
Ornaments for the Halloween tree
If you have access to a .25 toy bin, my daughter loves Little People and the large Mega Bloks characters as well as minions
Halloween socks (she's in size 7/8 kids shoes now) or hair bows for kids
Small shelves for displaying figurines
I managed to pick up the Tombstone corners sets the last two years but would love more of the accessory pieces
Old dentures or partials for use in props and a glass eye would be awesome!
Halloween or creepy artwork, I love old cemeteries too
Potion bottles - I'm constantly collecting bottles to turn into potion bottles for victims but have very few of my own
If you do paper mache, I'd love to add a piece of your work to my collection. :)
I'll be starting on a bedroom remodel in November and could use a haunted mansion-style wallpaper stencil
We don't eat much candy, but little one is a fiend for Hershey's Kisses and gummy fruit snacks
I could use an old fence finial or even a mold of one for a future cemetery fence
Dark purple or black sheets or material, also need red or burgundy satin to use for coffin lining.
Styrofoam wig heads or busts
Crayons, finger paint, stickers, etc...
If you have any old SD cards or micro SD cards laying around I could put them to good use - any storage capacity is fine
I'm turning a part of my utility room into a workshop, so any small storage organizers or containers would be appreciated, especially something customized by my reaper

Future plans for 2018 and beyond include a funeral parlor, realistic cemetery, fence, and mausoleum, so any realistic vases, statues or adornments will be appreciated. I also love gardening and we have a new deck, so would love any Halloween themed adornments that can stay outside. I have a strange sense of humor (that's what I've been told anyway... seems normal to me), so if it looks like something you would see on the old Addams Family TV show, it will be at home here. :D

Dislikes or don't need

Dead babies
While I like Sugar Skulls/DOTD, I really don't decorate with them
We really don't care for candy corn
I'm not much into cutesy unless it's for the little one
No excessive gore - a little blood is OK but no piles of intestines
White spider webs - have too many now
Music - have lots of Halloween Music but if you have a mixtape or something interesting to share, I wouldn't turn it down
Movies - have lots of them too, but open to stuff such as X-Files, The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, or something on home haunts - VHS or DVD
No sparkly romantic vampires :p
Nothing with a real strong cinnamon scent (allergies)
No hats or headbands for the little one - she won't wear them
Please, no excessive glitter! I have a two-year-old glitter magnet :D

I'm in a rural area and have access to the following stores: Walmart (ours never gets much more than costumes), Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General, CVS and Rite-Aid. I'm a thrift store, yard sale and flea market junkie, so please don't feel you have to go to any great expense. Relax and have fun! :)

Here's a link to a pinterest board I created to give you some ideas. https://www.pinterest.com/cowrun2/secret-reaper-2017/ You're also welcome to peruse my main board too, but be forewarned, it is an unorganized mess! :D

They call me HeebieJeebie
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I do a fairly typical (with humorous bits) cemetery. This year I also have a HD skeleton horse, so there will be a fox hunt scene (imagine the guy in the red jacket with his horn & his pack of hounds, etc) thru the middle of it. I also have a "mosh pit" of blowmolds on one side of the driveway.
Inside I have a haunted village in the living room, a witches kitchen with all sorts of interesting / weird things, rats in the bathroom, and a smattering of skeletons & skulls everywhere.

I'm sure I will pretty much love anything you send! Hand-me-downs, new, used, whatever is great!
Glitter is perfectly OK in any amount. My daughter is a dancer so it's a fact of life in my house. :D

bats / cats / dogs
ceramic village pieces
human or animal skulls (just not the cheesy blucky ones, thanks!)
apothecary stuff / oddities (for example, I have a jar of porcupine quills, weird dried flowers, real vertebrae, real horsehair)
a potion or spell book, aka "recipes"
colored spotlights (LED) I use a general blue wash over the whole cemetery, so something that would show up against that....
Halloween socks / t-shirts! (XL/2X)

I have 3 (non-skeleton) cats and a Beagle so if you want to toss in a catnip toy or some treats, they'd be thrilled!

Dislikes / Dis-needs
Movie guys (Freddy / Jason / etc)
Disney / NBC / Peanuts
Clowns / Aliens
Blood & Gore & Corpsed stuff
Zombies (but on the nutcrackers, it's ok!)

Too early to stalk bethene??

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I am doing a movie monster theme this year so my likes are anything related to:



gauze (to mummify things I already have)
creepy cloth
skeltonized animals
pumpkin carving patterns
pumpkin lights
fall leaves
fall leaf or black leaf garland
Halloween cookie cutters
Anything pumpkin scented
Anything related to Hocus Pocus/witches


Clowns or anything clown related

Horror off the Highway
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Hey everyone! Man it's been awhile! It's great to be back!!

Well some tings happened recently. Had to sell my house due to my husband leaving me. I also sold off my entire yard haunt. :(

That's ok though! I am moving to an awesome condo I will be renting!! So, with that being said...

I'd love anything to help decorate my humble little abode (basement condo). Maybe some creepy lighting would rock! I decorate with a black Halloween tree so any sparkly orange, purple or green ornaments would be epic! Any books from Stephen King (Dark Tower series, newer works) would be great as well! Oh! Blu-rays of Nightmare on Elm Street (older version) would rock too!

I dislike anything large (unfortunately), gore, clowns or anything cutsey.

Reaper Guardian
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His name is Roger Clyne
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My first love is anything vintage/vintage repro. From paper ephemera on up.

I love JOLs & pumpkins of any kind, Frankenstein & mummies.

I'm a sucker for Hammer Horror, Christopher Lee especially, but I love all the old horror stars & their movies, Price, Cushing, Carradine, Karloff, etc.

I don't care if you make something or buy something, for me the fun is in getting the box. So if you're not crafty it's OK by me.

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This is by far my favorite time of year and I just want to thank Bethene for hosting this every year. So now onto what we're all here for:

My yard haunt consists of a creepy graveyard built in a derelict pumpkin patch haunted by a few demons, witches, skeletons, and spiders.

Inside we are working on building up our witches den/apothecary and various party events.

Creepy and scary are what I try to stick with and can always use more amazing items.

I’m always looking for:
Items to add to my main Demon I’m building this year who will be holding a scythe and chain for 3 Hell hounds - Primarily 2 proportional for a 9’ Demon, and Wings

Anything from the original Evil dead/Army of darkness series
Good grave stones
witch props
lights to illuminate the outside haunt
Spiders (of all sizes minus the small ring sized ones)
Cob Webs
Corpsed Items
Creepy Witch broom
Large Creepy Witch Cauldron stir stick
Spell books
Witches spell items (potions, ingredients, wands, etc)
13 hour clock
Decomposing pumpkins/jack o lanterns
Creepy spider cage
Clear plastic drop cloths for corpsing
Expanding foam (can’t ever have enough
Solar powered lights
Electric tea lights
DIY Items for above said Items

And definitely ANYTHING I can put in or around my house to scare people. For example I’ve been trying to build a guy that shows up behind the shower when guests us the restroom. And I love catching people off guard with my screaming heads and jumping spider.


Extremely gory items

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Let the reaping begin

Likes,Vincent price,munsters,Elvira, black cats,crank ghost anything for yard haunt,lifesize props,Disney trick or treat Disney haunted mansion,Disney sleepy hollow,clowns,vintage Halloween,cut outs,pumpkins blow molds,universal monsters,love homemade stuff.lily Munster cape,projector stuff,music,love candles,

Dislike none love everything

Lady Of The Lake
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Thank you so much Dearest Reaper. I appreciate your hard work and kindness. I welcome Hand Made, Thrifted, Repurposed, New or Used.

Sleepy Hollow things and Witches are my main two collections so I can always find room for anything within those themes. I decorate indoors and outdoors with both of these themes. I have tons of stuff for both but certainly don't mind adding to my collection.

I would love anything quilted, sewn, cross stitched or crotcheted since I can't do any of those things myself.

Something personalized would be great. A Jack O Lantern with our family name, Tombstones, Maybe a sign for my potion cabinet with my name? A front door wreath with our family name? Whatever you can think up to personalize.

This year I'm planning a campfire tales theme in the backyard so I'll need anything that would fit with that. Any type of games or stories that would be fun around a campfire would be appreciated. Anything for this area can be full on scary because the regular public can't see back there. A campfire tales sign? Ghost stories told here sign? One of those inflatable coffin coolers? Any type of scarecrows, Jack O Lanterns, creepy ghosts, hay, corn stalks decor would be very appreciated
I'd love to do scary stories on paper and roll them like parchment so the kids could just grab one and read it.

I'm having two Campfire Stories parties the first one is for about 20 Jr High School kids ages 13-14. I'd love to scare the crap out of them honestly :) At this age they think they're grown ups and are offended when I treat them like kids.
Then the next weekend an adult only party with tents and alcohol.

I'd love a scarecrow, creepy, old, vintage, regular scarecrow head or Jack O Lantern head.

My witches need a vulture

A 13 hour clock would be cool in any of my themes

Anything for my graveyard would be great, groundbreakers, zombies, peepers and of course tombstones, I'm always looking for additions to my little graveyard family. I don't do any blood in the graveyard as I have mostly young tots in my subdivision. I like creepy not gory. I have albums of my graveyard

I love Halloween Mugs, Tea, Coffee and Dishes. I have a round dining room table if you find a table cloth

Any type of terrarium is cool, air plants, crystals etc....

I love ornaments for my Halloween trees, I have a black and orange 4ft tree more vintage classic Halloween and a 6 foot black /white/Silver more gothic elegant one. I love all ornaments and would love to start a small black/purple table top tree.

I will always use Candles of any kind, Jack O Lanterns or Tombstones. Can't go wrong with any of these if you're stuck.

Dislikes: I wouldn't have a use for chop shop, butcher shop, clown or carnevil items, I live in a modern family subdivision so unfortunately I'm careful not to offend soccer moms. Although I don't do cute either.

My Pinterest is linked below if you'd like to see what I'm into, I even have a bit of a wish list if you're interested. Feel free to do anything you'd like that I haven't listed if you see something on my Pinterest or albums that inspires you. Happy Haunting Dear Reaper, Remember to have fun and not stress I will be happy with whatever you choose :)

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Likes: cats, bats, witches, brooms, pumpkins, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, fortune telling, Edger Allen Poe, castles, swords, gargoyles, purple, orange, blue, green, baking, gardening indoors and outdoors, reading, Disney, Nightmare before Christmas, pumpkin carving, Shakespeare, musicals, pirates, Pirates of the carribian movies, pirate ships, and the theme this year is a Halloween tree (the giant one in the front yard) decorated with lights, witches brooms all around the trunk, hanging witch hat luminaries, and carved pumpkins everywhere. Ceramic, Styrofoam, and the real ones. I can use anything to light up the tree, witches brooms, and more pumpkins of all sizes. I could use new halloween music too. My only dislikes are gore & the color red.

Reaper Queen
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I am having a bit of a hard time with my list this year... but here it is, it may change as I see others lists or come up with something I forgot to write down....

I love witches especially the Wicked Witch of the West. I collect witch dolls and figurines. I have some wonderful ones from past reapers, but would adore more,. I also started to collect ghost figurines and black cat figurines.

Adult (woman or teen, older girl) porcelain dolls to make characters out of. Also could use tiny dolls that could be used to make a pixie doll out of . Fabric to help with the creations of my characters, velvet, velvet panne, satin, glittery, fancy dress, lace, tulle, netting,elegant, brocade, gauzy etc, in any color. Narrow lace in black, white ,cream as well as colors, and other small trims.
Tiny charms for the dolls as well as other crafts. If anyone can find a small crystal ball, it would be great.. Smaller steampunk items for dolls and crafts. 6-8 inch witches broom (well, any broom could be a witches broom) as well as small cauldrons,books, crystal balls, hour glass, etc that a 18-28 inch doll could hold/use.

Small fairy garden items, fairies, signs, animals, chairs, etc that will fit in a planter inside,ones I already have ,also would like a flat type planter to make a FG in. Maybe a small bowl type thing to make a terrariums out of. I am just starting out so this is wide open.

Halloween dish towels.

Would like to start a small Halloween tree, so smallish Halloween ornaments would be great.

For out doors, Ghosts, spiders and webs, a spider victim, any thing creepy for my small cemetery.
I love to read, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, etc.

Thats it for now, might add to it later......

Dislikes list: I don't like zombie babies,dolls made bloody or gory. Basically anything gory or bloody, don't need movies, cd's, big out door supplies,

The Ghost Host
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Theme: The Sabbat

--We host a themed party every year and this year we're making it all about witches! The idea is that my co-hosts and I are an elite coven that acts as a sort of governing body over all the witches in the world. A basic idea of the party is that we're hosting a Sabbat to bring together all witches so we can select a new witch to join our coven. There are more details in my party thread.

Listed below are some of the big ideas that we're implementing in various rooms of the house.

Altar Room
--This is the entrance into the home, it's a small space but will be used to showcase a witches' altar with runes, candles, pentagrams, crystals, etc.

Toxic Conservatory
--This will be the idea in our dining area where guests will gather for food. This is a pretty new theme for us so i'm most excited to decorate this room. We will have a cabinet for potions and ingredients, cloche jars with various plants, and strands of ivy and wisteria which will hang from the ceiling. We're also incorporating snakes, spiders, and the sort in with the decor.

The Oracle's Corner
--This space is inspired by fortune tellers, tarot cards, and spirit boards! Hanging tapestries and tarot card posters will flank the table which will have the Palm Reader neon sign from Grandin Road in the middle. I'm going to be using wires and tarot cards to create a sculpture similar to Roger's Gardens past Halloween set up.

The Magical Library
--This is our living room and is the largest space we use for dancing. We have a lot of spell books so we're looking to highlight those in our bookshelves. I'm looking for a lot of animated books to give that haunted/magical effect. Most of my busts will go on top of the bookcases as well and i'm also planning on using the same wire effect from the Tarot cards for book pages as well. I really want it to look like a mess of pages are just shooting up into the air.

The Occultatory
--Essentially our bathroom. This is going to be really dark, with a reversed pentagram shower curtain, red lighting with lots of black and gothic decor.

The Brew Room
--Nothing major here but this is where guests come to get our witches brew. We'll have the majority of our cauldrons represented in this room with misters inside a few. Really looking to give off that potions classroom vibe.

The Courtyard
--This is the part of our set up that will be outside. We do tend to have outside seating because it gets so hot inside the house. We're setting this up with tiki torches and a burned at the stake moment in the middle of the yard. Think lots of red fire and ice lighting on the house with foggers for smoke and a charred corpse tied to a stake.

Blacklight Magic
--This is the front porch area where we will also have seating. This will be where we use our black lights with UV reactive products to draw symbols, spells, and incantations on the walls of the porch.

Below is a list of general things that are likes or needs

Spellbooks, animated or otherwise(I know I said I had a lot but i'm always down for more spell books)
Quills, ink wells or any type of old writing elements.
Potion bottles
dried herbs
greenery/odd looking plants
cloche/specimen jars
spooky moss
primitive witch decorations
UV chalk
tarot card posters
white sheets(to cover up some of our non themed props to help them fit in.
witch herbs
mortar and pestle
led candles
Palmistry items
Fortune teller items.
witches broom
"blair witch" homemade stick figures.
witch jars
pentagram decor
Not afraid of gore.

Items not needed:
projector lights
character decorations(jack and Sally, Frankenstein, etc

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Ok so Im not really changing alot of my set ups this year. I decorate both inside and out.

Inside I have 2 main areas. 1 area (very large :) ) is my Halloween Village and the other area is just a spooky overall theme but does have a witch area.

Outside I do a graveyard with reapers, skulls and pumpkins. So without further ado here is my likes/dislikes list:

Classic monsters like Frankenstein, werewolves and vampires.
Jason Vorhees
Spellbooks and potions
Lemax spookytown village
Halloween themed Blu ray movies (Already have Hocus Pocas, Trick r Treat and Haunted Mansion)
Sam for Trick r Treat
Backdrop for my village
Animated props
Halloween Tree ornaments
Ground breakers
Black cloth
Nightmare before Christmas
Halloween projection videos on flash drives

dog or cat skeletons
Cutesy items (more of a dont need than a dislike)

I will adjust as I think of more

Head Witch
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We are doing a Cemetery/ Werewolf theme this year outside. Inside is themed the same all year long. I have Two boys and a Fur baby. We do Japanese Oni, Skeletons and Skulls, oddities and such. We are also Cosplayers so we go to quite a few conventions through out the year.
Home made goodies are always welcome

Skeletons real and fake.
Bats real and fake
HP Lovecraft
Universal monsters.
Witchy items
Handmade items/ second hand (don't stress, I'm easy)
I am going to be a plague doctor
Cemetery pictures ( I have these framed down the hall way. Most are black and white)
I read a lot

I don't need potion bottles. I have lots.

jester girl
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i'm pretty easy to please. in my profile album i have ...props i would like to have...that can give you ideas. i love love love homemade. i like scarey and halloweeny. love bats, rats, crashed witches, witches, and door knockers i embellish in. i love blow molds. they are an addiction. i have 71 and i don't however like 2 of a kind, so it might be hard to get me one of those without duplicating unless you do some research. you could check with bethene or check out the blow mold thread i have in my profile. i have zombie rats and flamingos. i would like some other zombie animals. i don't however like zombie gnomes. i like skeleton animals. i do have a skeleton spider. something along this line other than what i have would be fine. i,m a big fan of the walking dead. dogtags from the walking dead would be great. would like a midnight syndicate cd...ill have to check which ones i already have and post what i would like.

dislikes...gory, cutsie, glittery, zombie babies, candles, dolls made gory, and i'm not into masks...and i have so many movies already, i would be hard to buy for unless listed above.
Adding on. Maybe you could make a small door for my tree trunk. Like a leprechaun lives there. About a foot and a half high. And maybe a couple of windows about a foot high. I also have a couple of flamingos. They could use some cute clothes. But not a witch outfit or a santa suit or a turkey outfit or a mans black dress suit. I have those. Or a cute outdoor solor light. Maybe a fairy or leprechaun. I have a few monster high dolls. If youre crafty you could make me some fancy halloweeny clothes. One is painted up as a tigress. Maybe a tiger ball gown. And another idea. One year my reaper made a bowler hat with a nest and a raven. My grandson let me wear it for halloweeen. I went as a raven whisperer. Maybe a hat (no headbands or witches hats) with maybe a spider or a bat. That would be fun.

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Here's my list:
Bones ( real or fake)
black cats
anything related to classic horror monsters ( Frankenstein's monster, Mummy, Werewolf, Creature from the Black Lagoon)
Werewolves (The Howling style)
Books/stickers or anything Halloween that's appropriate for 5 year old
sideshow themed things
Zombies (Walking Dead or Romero's type)
Occult things ( spell books, wands, ouija themed things)
Voodoo dolls
vintage Halloween
Nightmare Before Christmas
Blow molds
Poe/Lovecraftian things
teeth(animal or human, real or fake, or dentures)
glass eyes, non-prosthetic, prosthetic, or handmade
fall/Halloween themed scented candles ( just not Hazelnut please, it plays havoc with my sinuses)
Anything handmade, there are a lot of great craftspeople in this forum!

Bland design decorations ( Martha Stewart, Good Housekeeping's “best decorating ideas for blah blah”)
unnecessarily gory/crude ( The Human Centipede for example)
zombie babies ( after watching Trainspotting, and especially now that I have a daughter dead babies are right out)

Spookiest Lady in Pa!
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Here's my list. Will add to it as needed.


Anything witch related(nothing to cuteys), spell book's, potion jars, anything that can be used in a witch's kitchen/display. Creepy halloween themed pictures, flameless candels (all sizes), spiders, tombstones/anything I could use in my cemetery, bats, pumpkins, skulls, skeletons, gorey is ok (anything that I could use in my chop shop), signs, ghosts, creepy cloth, homemade is ok, halloween themed/styled candle holders, creepy plants/flowers, Jack O'laterens, blow molds, halloween busts/nicknames and figurines, rats, ravens, owls, creepy masks for props.


No disney, cuteys items, no glitter.

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Outdoor decorating will be pretty minimal this year since a lot of my family is busy with other things. I figured out a projection effect last year that is a lot of bang for the buck, so I will probably just go with that this year. Other lights would be cool to add to it. Colored lights (purple would be fun), fire effects, candles (fake), etc.

General Halloween: Can always use creepy cloth, cheesecloth, creepy critters, skeletons, bones, and pumpkins. I tend to like darker colors and metallic for decor.

Victorian things: I like decorations, costuming, jewelry, and anything steampunky. I love colored glass and long pendant-style necklaces.

Day of the Dead: Sugar skulls, skeleton figures, etc.

Literature: I’m an English teacher by day, so I like nerdy things. Edgar Allan Poe, Sleepy Hallow, etc. I like ghost stories and books on weird local legends and oddities. Since I live here, I already have a lot about California, but I’d love to learn about other places.

Apothecary: I have a few very nice potion bottles (thanks former reapers!), but I love other types of curiosities. I will, of course, always take more awesome bottles.

Miniatures:. I like miniature stuff in general. If that’s your thing Reaper, go crazy. Tin boxes, terrariums, etc.

Halloween Village: Love, love, love anything for my Halloween Village. I’ve been collecting and repainting Dollar Store pieces for a while now, so I’m not looking for anything expensive. Something cheap or second hand that I can repaint is great. Bits and pieces such as trees, shrubs, moss, fences, etc. are greatly needed too since I really want to build up the "grounds" this year. A small train to go with the village would be awesome. I like to repaint things, so it doesn't really matter what it looks like. I got some great stuff from former reapers, but I can always use more.

Spiders: My favorite Halloween motif. I love ‘em all. Realistic, fuzzy, big, small…also I think spiderwebs are gorgeous.

Music: Finding new (to me) Halloween/dark music makes me happy. I dig rock, soundtrack-y stuff, creepy scores, etc. Pretty much anything goes.

Halloween socks are a lot of fun (and kind of wear them all year).
Love nail polish and decals.

Disney: I’m a huge, huge Disney and Disneyland fan! Anything from the Haunted Mansion is great. Love the wallpaper print and all of the characters, especially the Hitchhiking Ghosts and of course, the Hatbox Ghost. Pirates is fun. Love Nightmare Before Christmas and Tim Burton in general. And I love all things Disney Villains!

I really like the idea of a gypsy box (the take some; leave something idea appeals to me).

I’m ok with glitter.

Make, buy, recycle, upcycle, or re-gift it, whatever works for you Reaper. I’ll be a happy victim!

Dislikes: Blood, gore, zombies, babies, movies

I have a Secret Reaper Pinterest board. It has both things that I like and things that I want to work on for victims on it. Feel free to snoop through the other boards as well. We all do it. Pinterest

NOTE: Reaper, you might want to avoid real candles or items that can melt easily. I live in the desert and sometimes things like that don't survive to the doorstep.

Some random updates:
I like rocks. Gems, minerals, etc. I polish my own rocks, and lately have been into painting rocks. Pretty stones, crystals, or even hand-collected rocks from your neck-of-the-woods would be appreciated.

I really enjoy carving pumpkins, so carving paraphernalia is always appreciated since I pretty much break the little carving knives every year.

I have two nephews, 2 and 4. The 4-year-old is very excited for Halloween this year (he's insisting on being Batman for the second year in a row). If you enjoy sending something for kiddos, that would be cool. If not, that is perfectly fine too. UPDATE: he wants to be a pirate now. :rolleyes:

I recently acquired a projector which turned out to be a lot of fun last year, so any projection videos, clips, or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Reaper Guardian
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So, I know that I'm kind of notorious for not having the most detailed L/D lists for this thing. Well...this year, it's going to be even less detailed than usual!

"But why?" you cry! "Why torture us so???"


I'm evil! Rotten to the core! MUHAHAHAHA!

(and other reasons that aren't very fun, so let's just go with the evil thing)

And so! Ladies and Gentlemen! Children of all ages! And whatever the heck y'all are over there in the corner... I present to you!...drumroll....my list:


Witches. I have a thing for witches. Always, always witches. Which could mean witch accessories (broom, cauldron, cat, etc.,) witch figures, witch signs, general witchiness

Dia de los Muertos I hope I spelled that right. I'm evil, not insensitive.

Sleepy Hollow. For some reason, the Hessian has always been a sort of hero of mine.



Actually, I need some shot glasses.


Dead children. This includes zombie kids.
If it even hints of suicide, it's right out, right now.
Glitter. That stuff is truly evil. And not in a good way. Save it for the glitter bombs to deploy at Bethene's!
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