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"BIG RAIN" changes haunt route!

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Much rain here last night, and many people Still Showed Up! So many times during this last month or two it is raining by the time the house tour is completed.
If they leave the Exit then they will have an additional 130 feet to walk to where they usually have parked,so i walk them backwards through the house to put them closer to their cars, but last night it made no difference!
It was raining So Hard I got soaked just opening the front door for them, and then they quickly "SWAM" for it!
We had people from New York, Louisiana,Chicago,little kids,adults. The kid sort of "Gave-Away" one routine prematurely so I pretended to be upset with him for the next three rooms and made him "The Volunteer" adding much to his new nervousness.
The Family from New York had arrived in this part of the world to see just two things,My House and "Poopy's Restaurant 10 miles from here,where the menu features "Poop-burgers " With Poop sauce. I took Leonard Pickle there, he asked the waitress "Is there "Corn" in the Poop-Sauce?"
(That was when I lost it!) He was So Serious about it when he asked!
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Unfortunate about the rain! How long does your tour last?
Funny story about Leonard, he has very dry sense of humor!
A "Tour" usually takes about 90 minutes. They may run longer if those involved want more of the house history or move slowly.
Trying to give a "quick' tour here almost never works because the person who thinks they need a "Quick" tour have usually never been here before and have no idea what is involved here.
Sometimes those asking for "Quickness" make the tour longer themselves because of their curiosity needing to look at every little thing and then ask numerous questions, that are sometimes "Answered" during the normal course of the tour in a more efficient fashion by me.
I am normally "talking" to them the entire time they are in the house.
Many see their experience here as a very varied thing and difficult to ever describe to others. Some see it as a museum, but it is more stimulating in numerous ways than most museums.
There are things here that you will not find in any other "Haunted House',I have made sure of that over the years.
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