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Big Lots Tales from the Crypt box sets

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i found the first 6 seasons of Tales from the Crypt on dvd at Big Lots tonight for only $3.00 per season! I thought it was a mistake, only 3 bucks! Now i want to go back tomorrow and buy up the rest of them and save them for nice Halloween prizes. also picked up several seasons of the Flintstones for 3 bucks each!!
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I went to one BL Thursday and to 5 today, only 2 of the 6 had them. The first one had them in their storage waiting to be put out but I didnt get to see how many they had, I got all the seasons except for season 1. I was spacing out because just before I was at work and they were painting and the turpentine they used to strip the door paint was making me light headed. Ill see if they have the box out Tuesday next week to see if they have more. By my house the one had just put them all out, I got there an hour after they opened and they had all of them. So I got my season 1 and a few sets for my mom and aunt., I cleaned out their inventory .
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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