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Bewitched Bash 2009-Prize Categories! Need help!

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Hi all - I'm working on the 3rd annual Bewitched Bash - all witches, all the time. I'm working on prize categories - I'm ordering personalized sashes (a la Miss America) and need to nail the categories down. So far, I have Ms. Evilicious, Ms. Cutesy Witch Poo and Most Creative Accessory. I think I need 2 more.

The problem is - I can't be TOOO out there. Some people can be a little timid and I don't want to be too overwhelming with the categories. I've done Ms. Divalicious, prettiest, most creative hat, etc.

Any ideas? I need creative ideas - or just creative names for basic ideas....just not TOOO out in the wilderness. Most of these people are non-Halloween people and this is as OUT THERE as they get - LOL.

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I don't know if you could work into a category or not...but what leapt into my head was the "Witch Please" category for the sassiest witch! LOL

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Wackiest Witch is certainly a thought...

I'm hoping that most enchanting will fall under Supreme Sorceress. When voting comes around, you'd be amazed how people grill me..."What does this mean?" "I'm not sure"....and I stay out of it completely, including the prizes...so I try and make them as simple as possible. It's fun to watch them put all this effort on choosing the best ones!!

Thanks for everyone's help!!

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Truest representation of an original character ie. Wicked Witch of the West. Pointiest shoes. Fanciest cape. Best socks. Biggest wart. Ugliest nose. --perhaps not on the ugliest nose, that might be taken the wrong way. Are they bringing sidekicks like black cats? You can have a most unique sidekick/pet award.

BEST CACKLE!!! Holy friggin crap, I hope you have a cackling contest!! Especially with people who are a little apprehensive about the bash.
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