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Today is October 23rd, when strange figures are usually seen tossing flyers around small towns and neighborhoods, flyers that advertize an off-season carnival.

Early reports claim that the carnival is known as "Coogar & Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show", though some recall the title simply as "Dark's Pandemonium Carnival".
The carnival is known throughout American lore as a precursor to disappearances and horrific tragedies, and has been linked to numerous cases of dementia and various psychological maladies. As has been the case since the first reports in the late 19th century, the carnival arrives by train, almost exactly at 3:00am on the morning of October 24th. It's loud and unusually wavering whistle can be heard for miles.

Keep your ears open and your heart's desires well-guarded. Tonight the Autumn People are abroad, looking for a place to hock their cheaply-gilded wares and whisper their dusty promises.

Avoid the carnival.
Pray for a storm.
Beware the Autumn People.

Oh... and thanks for a great American story, Uncle Ray!
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