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Beware! Beware! The Haunted Pumpkin Patch Foyer

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So this is my setup for this year.I've been accumulating plastic pumpkins for awhile and decided to present them all for my ghastly guests when they enter my home. Other than the massive drain of electricity from all of the lights (these are all pre-LED:p), the animations are from a 3 projector setup from the other side of the foyer, firing from 2 different levels. I'll hide them eventually but for now they're out in the open.

All the animations are from AtmosFX- the Jack O' Lantern jamboree and the the wall images are the Phantasm downloads. The pumpkin projector is a $20 3m SVGA projector with serious panel degradation. However, the degrades are on the upper half of the image, so they don't affect the pumpkins at all. The Soul Crusher is from an unused Sharp SVGA dlp projector I bought brand new for my parents awhile ago. They never found a use for it so back to me it went. The last projector showing the Hide and Seek Phantasm is my Optoma 20 lumen pico projector. I'm using sony media players for playback through the Sharp and 3m projectors.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the setup. The overwhelming orange glow could have wreaked havoc with the other projections but in real life its okay. However, I had to severely limit brightness and contrast on the sharp and 3m projector so the squarish panel image is minimized. I also have the other pumpkins animation (the black and white ones from a few years ago) so the "pumpkins panels" I made from some plywood lying around can be pushed closer or further apart. I may eventually replace them with metal ones I've seen around town.


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