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Best zombie costume trophy

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Hi, gang!

I've looked everywhere on Google for a decent looking zombie costume trophy to give away at our zombie run and I've found nothing that does it for me. I'm considering making my own and casting it. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Not sure what you are looking for but number of years ago I took thrift store barbies, and coated them in a couple of layers of snog rag paper mache. Glued their hair into an "interesting" dos and when all dry we stuck their feet into a disposable cup of plaster. When it was all dry cut the cup off and spray painted one in gold, one in silver and one in bronze. I suppose you can got the extra mile and find some cheap doll clothes and give them the zombie treatment.

Another thought is to hit up the thrift stores and look for someone's castaway trophy, tweak it some... maybe "cut off" the bowling ball so it looks like a lurching zombie or leave the bat in hand and dangle a tiny head from it so it appears someone whacking off a zombie head. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a runners trophy. Change out the little name plate and a new trophy is born.
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Dollar store to the rescue!

Have alook for these : http://www.dollartree.com/household...Candleholders-4-/500c542c911p352185/index.pro, http://www.dollartree.com/household...ht-Candleholders/500c542c911p331127/index.pro, http://www.dollartree.com/household...-Vases-7-frac34-/500c559c543p351883/index.pro. Then get a brain mold and fill it with Great Stuff expanding foam. Carve some bite marks and chunks missing from the cast foam brains ( more bites taken out for the bronze trophy, a few less for the silver a couple for the gold) Cast three brains, affix to one each of those vases or candle holders with a good adhesive. Paint one gold, silver, and bronze. Bingo! Zombie trophies! Big enough to be impressive and suitable for placing on a mantle! And not too expensive to make either!:D
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That's an awesome idea! Thanks!
I took zombie bobbleheads I got off of amazon, and attached them to trophies I had made. Marble base, green risers, and had them just leave a flat plate on top. I epoxied the green zombies to the top. Don't have a pic of it on this comp, but they turned out great. Overall costume got the 100 year itch Marilyn as the topper. Turned out to be about $15 a trophy.
I tried using great stuff but it left too many air bubbles. Is there any suggestions regarding another kind of foam I could use? My next attempt will be durhams. Thanks!!
If you're looking for something quick to purchase, instead of DIYing, there's this guy. I had him on my dashboard in my car for quite a while. :D http://www.kleargear.com/dashboard-...26f6172642d7a6f6d6269652d6465736b2d3132363631
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