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Best Wholesale Toy Vendor Reccos?

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For TOT, I give away dollar store type toys, but never pay dollar store prices. IMO, toys are better (and cheaper) than candy. Any overage can be stored until the next year. Usually, I manage to spend about $30 a year by spending $100 on a nice assortment every three years. It's time to restock. I try to spend between 15-60 cents per item.

I find that Oriental Trading toys and novelties are too small and crappy for the price. For a few years, I've bought treats from Joissu . com.
But their prices have crept up quite a bit. I make my buys in late June - long after the holidays, well before Halloween, and after school is out.

Past toy examples are: LED light-up flyers, flashing jewelry, wooden segmented snakes, small plush toys, inflatable spiky balls, and fly-back planes.

Anybody have any good wholesaler suggestions?
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We used to have a gal in our neighborhood who owned those claw machines u see at walmart, pizza hut, etc. Well every year she would sit out and give each TOT a stuffed animal, the kids absolutely loved it!!!! She said it only cost .25 per child....love the idea of non candy gifts, especially cause not all kiddos can enjoy candy even though they really want to go out and TOT
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