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Best way to sell Softflex masks & other stuff?

I'm desperate!

Someone, Please help with this! I'm sure many people out there have sold or purchased Halloween stuff on Ebay and could give me tips to maximize this sale!

I posted two Softflex masks (woodman and punk-n) on Ebay on Sunday evening, but have NO bidders! :eek: :(

I paid $99 for each mask, and would like to get at least $25 for them. Does anybody have any idea about how I could change the listing to get some traffic bidding going? if these sell for $0.99 each, I'll croak. I guess I should have put a reserve on them, but who knew they'd just sit there?

I haven't celebrated Halloween since 2003, the last year my husband and I set upa a really great haunted front yard. He left in 2004, and there's no more celebrating halloween for me. I'm still trying to pay off a boatload of debt (yes, 5 years later) and finally cracked open the Halloween totes. It made me too sad to do it before now. But, I digress...

Oh...as for the rest of the totes, there's not a lot of expensive stuff, but it would make a nice addition to round out someone's props in a basic way. Do you think I should put it as 1 lot on Craig's list, or try to split it up? It's things like bats, rats, spiders, web, a hand...you know, the usual stuff! LOL!
Any ideas? I don't hang out on the Halloween boards like we did back in 2002 and 2003, so I don't have a clue how to sell this stuff so I get a decent price...or is there such a thing?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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