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Best type of styrofoam for large mask...?

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I've been making large masks with dry floral foam (the kind used in floral arrangements). It's been alright, but I'm wondering if there is something better suited to sculpting. I'm especially wondering if there is a type which has extra large sizes (the largest floral foam I can find is 2" thick x 12" wide x 36" tall, but the pieces I do are larger than that, so I have to glue several pieces together, which is a pain).


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Depending on how thick you need it, the blue/pink foamboard at the big box stores might be good for what you want. It does depend on where you live however. I live in the south, and can't find anything thicker than 3/4 inch, but northern areas that have real winters can usually find 2 inch thick foamboards. They'll have them in the insulation section - building supplies near the lumber and such. Ask for the brand name "foam board insulation" and someone should know where to look.

^this is the Owens Corning PINK foamboard insulation exclusive to Home Depot

^this is the DOW BLUE foamboard insulation exclusive to Lowes

The only differences are the colors/brands and which store you happen to have closest to you. They come in sheets of 4 foot x 8 foot and are very wonderful for carving. They are used for tombstones, walls (can carve out bricks and stones), etc... They cut beautifully with xacto knifes and should sand easily. BUT they will be delicate and prone to getting damaged similar to floral foam.
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Thanks for that info!
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