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13 Ghosts sent me the perfect Secret Reaper gifts. I was amazed when I opened the box to find props that she had made for my Haunted Hotel theme. Not only did she take the time to research me -- she took the time to make me some awesome props! 13 Ghosts -- you rock!

The pictures don't do them justice --

Creepy skeleton hand bell for my check in desk - and the hand glows!!

http://i224.photobucket.com/albums/dd208/kimb1023/Mardi Gras Decor/Reaper/DSC_0524.jpg

Bloody Guest Towels --


Mints for our hotel pillows


And a wonderful assortment of tins and bottles just perfect for my guests toiletry selection -- Mugwumps Bed Bug Murder, Chloroform, Bone Dust are just a few...



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Geesh, and you told me that MY gift was the best reaper gift ever! :D

Just joking....

Those are some really nice items. How thoughtful of 13 ghosts to take the time to research you!
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