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Best Murder Mystery Party Kit? Easy to follow for a newbie?

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So many choices for murder mystery party kits, downloadable PDF files etc. Which one have you bought from and why did you like it?
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A few years ago I ran the Haunted Hotel Homicide (lol) from www.mymysteryparty.com. Another in our party chose that one, but I ran it. I did not care for this particular mystery pack for our group because it relied on a very close attention to detail to note tiny discrepancies to determine the killer. If it's a serious, sober group it might work for you. But, well, we were a group in our 20s to early 40s, with a signature cocktail for the night. Absolutely no one got even close to figuring it out. I might try one of their other games in the future.

This year we're going to try the Masquerade Ball from www.mastersofmystery.com. It's a little different format from MMP, and I can tell already I'm going to adjust the format a little bit. But the characters are good, and allegedly you can play it to be replayable by selecting a random killer. I'm not 100% convinced about that, but I also liked that it doesn't have stupid "trying to be clever" names in it.
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