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Back in 1979 I volunteered to work for the March of Dimes Haunted House in Dallas.
They wanted me to be The Mummy, so they wrapped me up in dirty linen and put a full Mummy Head Mask on my head.
The Room Scene was painted to look like it was out in the Sahara and it had a wooden sarcophagus replica leaning up against one of the walls. It even had a lid!
One night as I was working the house I heard a commotion. One of the Hall Monsters came through and told me that 3 College guys were coming through and making trouble.
I DID NOT want to deal with it, so I got into the sarcophagus, put the lid on and stood there quietly, not making a sound.
Five minutes later they walked into my room/scene. I could see them through a little crack.
This is what happened next.

Guy 1: "What's this?"
Guy 2: "Looks like Egypt."
Guy 3: "I don't like this. It's quiet.
Guy 1: "Too quiet."

The look of worry on my face disappeared and a hot, evil grin spread slowly across my face as an idea burned itself into my brain.
Guy 1 took a step toward the sarcophagus. I pushed the lid and it slammed to the ground.
I came roaring out of the sarcophagus like a mad bull!
The three guys FREAKED!
They jumped and screamed! They practically tap danced all over each other trying to get out!
Later the Manager came in and asked me, "What the hell happened in here? You've got 3 college guys outside in tears!"
"Come back in five minutes and I'll show you how I did it."
I repeated my performance for her and she said that was Brilliant!
We were the #1`Haunted House in the City that year.

jester girl
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that cracks me up. i love it. bullies and trouble makers are usually the biggest cowards. way to go
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