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Best Halloween gift?

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Whats the best Halloween thing you have ever recieved ?
Not to long ago a friend had to , unfortunatly, down size her home . She had a very large collection of Halloween items . she gave my family a lot of items (3 pick up loads). Knowing how much we love halloween, she just wanted it to go to a good home. My wife looked like a kid at Christmas opening the boxes.
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That is an awesome haul!

My cheesy answer: my hubby. (married on Halloween :rolleyes: )

My best gift (non-cheesy): A beautiful orange and black candle holder with silhouettes of a graveyard scene - creepy trees, a witch, black cat and skeletons. It's really pretty but not cutesy. Hubby picked it up right after Halloween one year and gave it to me for our anniversary.

Oh, and a few years ago, one of the forum members in my area decided to downsize and she posted that she was doing a garage sale... I got some wonderful props for a great deal, including a full sized toe-pincher that now features in my yard display. :)
Actually, I've only ever received one. A candle holder that looks like a haunted tree. I got it from my sister-in-law, who isn't even into Halloween, so it meant alot to me. I might actually get to put it out this year. My wife asked me not to put out candles when my kids started walking, because she didn't want anything bad to happen. Now they are all old enough.
Pirate Skelly from my Pastor

2 years ago my Pastor sent me a e-mail with a link and said he had wild hair to do something he saw that might bless me (he knows what we do here) and if I did not want it to let him know because its on its way from Sam's Club warehouse............open the link to see Dead Eye Drake and he just blew my mind. I'll never sell it .......wow just wow.......is all I could say.
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last yr my hubby surprised me with a suit of armour he got at an auction :)
I got a zombie bride for valentines day... Happy Happy day... I love her.

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me neither Dragonomine...me neither.... *sniff*
The only halloween gift i ever got was from my best friend back and his gf when i was in NJ for my 19th birthday. It was only an anamatronic rat in a trap from party city and some blacklight bulbs, but the thought to get me something halloween related was what shocked me.

He was the only person ever think to do that :(
I got an atomical skull for Christmas one year... And supplies like paints and clay if those count
I got a bucky for Valentines day 2 yrs ago, and my mom started my Spookytown collection about 7 yrs ago.
The best Halloween gift I received was from a friend who is also a connoisseur of things macabre. It was a bottle of wine with a custom label featuring artwork I did of the Invisible Man.
Besides small token party gifts when we host our party, my Halloween-themed gifts usually come on Christmas and my birthday. It pays to be known as a Halloween person!
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