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Best Decoration award

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We won the award for the best decorations. Thats the good news. Bad news is a storm came in last night (still going) and destroyed decent percentage of it. 3 weeks to rebuild.
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Sorry to hear about your display Ratmonkey. That's happened to use a few times with snow storms and hurricanes. Hoping you are able to repair everything in time, and that you have better weather luck in the future!
Congrats on the award! But really sorry to hear about the storm. I had that happen last year and it was not fun. But we rallied and got it all back together and I'm sure you will too!
Sorry to hear about the storm. I live in Western NC and a couple of years ago we had a Hurricane come through the day before Halloween with 80 MPH winds. It reeked havoc on everyone! Luckily I didn't loss anything because we had some warning it was coming, I had to drive steaks deep in the ground and put up extra supports and tiebacks. That was one of the few years I decorated the weekend before Halloween instead of Halloween day. I had a 19" tall Mayan Pyramid in the front yard. I was so scared it was going to be gone Halloween morning when I got up, but it was still there.

Congratulations on the awards! Is it a local award? Is it town wide or just in your neighborhood? I wish we did something like that around here. Maybe it would encourage my neighbors to step up their game. I'd love some local competition!

Do you have any pics of your display?
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Congrats on the award, sorry about the damage. That is the same line of storms coming this way. I've already put up a lot of props and stones I know will get ruined. Good luck on repairs I'm sure you'll have things fixed by the 31st.
I hope you are able to get everything fixed! At least you have a couple weeks to work.
Congrats on the award and sorry to hear about your props. It's super windy right now and it's annoying, props are still there though
We won the award for the best decorations. Thats the good news. Bad news is a storm came in last night (still going) and destroyed decent percentage of it. 3 weeks to rebuild.
Congrats and condolences.

I was driving home in it last night on 114 headed from Grapevine to Keller. Two cars behind me were blown off the road and the rear end of my truck started to get sideways before I punched it up to 75. Not sure if it was a microburst or just incredibly high winds, but I needed the jaws of life to cut the truck seat out of my butt where I clenched down on it.

Lost part of my privacy fence last week when that system blew through, about half of it was leaning at a 45 degree angle. Last night's wind flipped it the opposite direction and tore another 25% down. Glad the insurance adjuster hadn't made it out yet to look at it.
I feel ya. 2 years ago I had to take all of mine down, then put it back up due to Hurricane Sandy. Earlier this week a good hard rain did a number on most of my webbing but it's not too big of a deal, but strong storms are a possibility for the next couple of days. Keeping my fingers crossed I won't have to take emergency measures.
way to go on your award,, we had winds and rain Saturday night and I built a horse that stands on his back legs and weighs about 130 and he fell over didn't break but was a pain to stand back up by myself in the rain
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