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Best Blacklight (White) Spider Web?

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Hello! So I am on the hunt for WHITE Spider Web that glows bright under blacklight. Everything I have found at Walmart, Spirit..etc is green glow in the dark spiderwebs that even under UV Wash lights it isn't bright enough. Its sad to say that the cheap $1 dollar store spiderweb actually glows very bright but it is HORRIBLE to stretch out or even make it stick.

What are you using that covers a large area, doesn't have to be soaked in anything and is extremely bright under UV light?

I usually buy the 3 of the 750SqFt spiderweb from Spirit. But just tired of the poor quality under UV light. This year I'm going all in on the Arachnid feel as the main theme of our setup this Halloween.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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