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Bendable, Posable Arms:

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So, I'm wanting a figure with posable arms, arms likely draped in three or four layers of cheesecloth.

What gauge wire is strong enough to hold that, yet flexible enough to be bent by hand? Is there another material to consider?

I'm trying to avoid copper pipe due to the weight.
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I use #9 wire for all my props. It's plenty thick enough to support the weight, and can be bent by hand, but it is hard to cut with wire cutters.
I put underground electrical wire in arms, mainly because it is left over from wiring my barn. It is either a 10-2 or 12-2.
Dr. Dark,

When you say #9, do you mean 9 gauge wire?

As a comparison, what gauge is the average wire coat hanger?
Yes, I meant 9 gauge wire. It is thicker than coat hanger wire, which is about 16 gauge.
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