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Hello Boys & Ghouls!!

I was wondering if anybody had "Bela Lugosi-Hollywood's Dracula Soundtrack" to share with me? I have searched high and low and can't find it anywhere. If anyone is lucky enough to have this cd would you mind sharing it with me? Below you will find the track list. I appreciate all the help you can give me. Please & Thanks!! :D

Bela Lugosi-Hollywood's Dracula Soundtrack CD
Lugosi: Hollywood's Dracula

Track List:

1. Prelude
3. Swan Lake
4. Black and Tan Fantasy
5. Variation on Gershwin Prelude
6. Lon Chaney's Gonna Get You!
7. Swan Lake Overture
8. Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?
9. Listen To The Lambs
10. White Zombie
11. Texaco Star Theatre
12. Variation on Hungarian Rhapsody Number 1
13. Mail Call
14. Child of The Night (A. Greenhaw-G. Rhodes)
15. We're Horrible, Horrible Men
16. Adaptation of Chopin Nocturne in E Flat
17. A Hunchback Named Ygor
18. The Devil Bat
19. The Rudy Vallee Show
20. Swan Lake Rock (adap./arr. A. Greenhaw)
21. Candid Microphone
22. Czardas
23. There Are Such Things
24. Lugosi: Hollywood's Dracula (A. Greenhaw)
25. Lugosi: Hollywood's Dracula (reprise) (A. Greenhaw)

86 Posts
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Thanks Again. Seems to be a hard one to find. Let me know if you or anyone else finds it. If I find it I'll share if anyone is interested. :D
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