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Beistle Cutouts

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Do you know where I could find these cutouts besides an online store?

They are:

6' Jointed Goth Beauty
Executioner Cutout
6' Mummy Cutout
18" black tissue spider

I don't know if it's Beistle, but Saw window cling.

Most of this stuff besides seeing it at Beistle.com, I have seen it at buycostumes.com, but I rather buy at a store so I don't have to pay shipping. Beistle to me is such a great company Halloween and Christmas, and I think they get under-recognized.
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I saw the goth beauty and a vampire goth guy at iparty
Sadly, it's not in my area. They do have some good stuff online though. It's much cheaper than Target for the cutouts.
Do you have a Party City or Factory Card Outlet in your area? I've seen them on display in those stores where I'm from.

I've never seen a 6-foot Mummy cutout of Beistle's, though, so perhaps that's a different brand. The Executioner of Beistle's is actually one of those plastic Scene-Setter things.

There is an online website that carries a lot of Beistle's products (Party Decorations - Party Supplies - Free Shipping on Party Decorations - www.PartyCheap.com). I order from them at least once a year and they do offer free shipping if you spend more than $50. If you have a Halloween party or something, it won't be hard to do...it adds up fast.
I didn't check Party City in store this year because I looked on the Internet, and I didn't see any of that stuff. I checked Factory Card Outlet, and the stuff wasn't fully up yet. It was kind of still in boxes, but some was up.

This is the Mummy I'm talking about. It's not that $4.99 is a lot to get, but I rather just get it at a store so I don't have to pay shipping. I think $50 is too much for me to buy. I don't want that much:
6 Character Creation Mummy - Costumes I was researching the Mummy more, and he's in a scene setter thing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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