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Been lurking and building - first tombstone (Texas T)

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This turned out well. All Foam with plastic flowers. Sculpture Iron Metal Forehead Art
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Here is a work in progress (sorry it's blurry).

Note: It's all foam except hidden brick in middle, skull (home depot) and plants (hobby lobby)

1: Glued 2x 2" thick form board together
2: Cut the foam board down into "rock" sizes and shaped appropriately (i.e.: randomly)
3: Cut post 4"w x 4"d (approximately 3' long)
4: hot glued post to a brick to give it some weight
5: hot glued the rocks together and to the base of the post
6: can of "Great Stuff" (cracks) and filled in gaps between rocks, which formed the dirt.
7: Added cross piece w/ carved words (don't want to carve once mounted)
8: Gave it a base prime coat (brown for cross and grey for rocks/dirt).
9: added some plastic plants from "Hobby Lobby" Just stuck them in along with wood branch from dead tree (back yard)
10: second coat of paint
11: dry brushed light brown/grey
12: corpsed the skull
13: (not done yet) add some fake moss
14: seal with spray coat of clear enamel.

Hope this helps.

Toy Child
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Thanks, I working on a mix of both.

As you can see in the 'WIP' picture I have some skull piles in process, as well as a large 'beloved' tomb for my daughter who sadly passed this summer. Halloween was a great time for us both as she loved helping me decorate. Also working on this keeps me busy as I need that right now.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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