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Because everyone builds a coffin in their front yard

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Hey all! So somewhere on here someone mentioned that wood pallets are good for prop building. So... Guess what i found behind my work the other day? I decided to build a toe pincher and animate it with the top portion of the lid open about 10" and a skeleton hand reaching out then returning as the lid closes. Today i almost finished the coffin (i still have to attach it together using door hinges so it will store flat) so here are some pics
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taking the pallets apart was a pain in the butt. Thank goodness for advil. I just kept telling myself "they were free!"
I hear ya! I get crates from work all the time to tear apart for free wood. Just like you I have to keep reminding myself....."Its free, its free, its FREE!!!" I've found if you leave the wood outside over winter in the snow, it weathers really nice! :D
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