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Bayfield Boneyard 2022 - Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

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This year we did a Pirates of the Caribbean theme in our main yard and a graveyard on the side yard. I made a lot more of my own props this year including window fire effect, rope ladder, drinking skeleton (my neighbor actually built this one for me), ship mast, dock, gibbet and pirate treasure! It was a lot of fun and the neighborhood kids loved it. I'm still taking it all down.

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Nice job! What a great “cast of characters” you created there. How many pirates did you end up with? Looks like you had quite a nice amount of space to use and I like your pirate scenes. I haven’t set up a pirate theme yet but have been collecting items for it for a long time. Seeing some of the same items or clothing. Giving me ideas for mine.

Have to say I’m a lot envious you got the HD pirate ship. Unfortunately don’t have storage space for it but it sure helps create a great scene. My 3, make it 4, favorite scenes of yours would be the pirate ship, the pier, the pirate climbing the rope ladder and Black Beard! He really gave me a chuckle. Nice job adding the facial hair. What adhesive did you use?

Anyway fun display and very nicely staged and lit. Hope you had a good crowd and good weather this year and a lot of ToTers got to see it. Thanks for all the photos and video.

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Thanks for the kind words! I think I ended up with 14 pirates. I got lucky with the HD pirate ship - picked it up after Halloween last year from someone on this forum. He also sold me the HD pirate pair. I already had them, so I redressed the extra pair. One of them is Blackbeard. I didn't end up gluing the bear on, just used the elastic it came with to tie it on. I picked up a better beard at the Spirit after Halloween sale, so I'll be gluing that one on next year.

Storage is always an issue. I think I dodged the storage space bullet for one more year, but it's getting tight! :)
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