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Basic Electronics Question

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I really want to learn how to hack a talking Gemmy skull, like the project found here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Modify-A-Talking-Skull-To-Say-Anything-You-Want/?ALLSTEPS but it says that, in order to complete this project, you should already having a basic working knowledge of electronics. I do not have a background in hobby electronics. In fact, I don't even know what a circuit board is. However, I am a technology enthusiastic (I can definitely do that part of the project that involves audio editing) and a quick learner, so my question is: Where do I start? How do I learn about electronics? Do I buy a kit?
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Youniversity of YouTube can be very helpful.

For this project, I'd probably order the pre-made circuit board listed on that page, take the parts list to an electronics hobby shop and have them help you get all of the parts, watch a YouTube video on soldering, buy a cheap soldering iron (and solder, and solder wick) and follow the instructions at the link you posted.

Any subsequent, specific questions you have, you'll probably be able to find a YouTube video with the answer.

Or, there are plenty of gurus here that can answer specific questions.

Good luck!
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