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Barsoleum facade and bloody lamp

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I have a house built in the early 1980s - when it was really popular to have that "window" cut through from the living room to the kitchen with a wonky bar top - sort of an early incarnation of the breakfast bars in kitchens now.

I've never liked the typical black-out cloth we've hung there, and decided that the bar was going to be perfect as a mausoleum facade with three fronts - and here is what I came up with:

I did a whole bunch of math to figure out what sized mausoleum fronts would look the best, and all of it is cut from 1/2 foamcore. I used Disney names from the Haunted Mansion and it's going to have the bar surface itself covered with black marble contact paper that will hide the hideous "fake butcher block" counter that was horrifically popular in the 80s :rolleyes:.

I think this would also work for a door way - a doorsoleum. Just flip it and stack the fronts. Works to block off a room and still have a cool decoration. :)


Got this antique lamp off of FreeCycle. Top lamp globe was missing - broken just before I got it :( so I got a new one, spraypainted it red (really close to the surface so it wouldn't do a fine spray and would run down). I got the idea from the post that had the BK restaurant with a spooky theme park ride nearby.
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Great looking detail!
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