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Yesterday my youngest daughter (8) made my heart swell with pride. She said, "Hey dad, remember how you said not to throw anything away until you make sure you can't use it for something else?" Remembering the many times I've told my girls and wife this I told her that I did remember, "Why?"

She held up a piece of Barbie sized Creepy Cloth and exclaimed with great pride that she made it herself. So here is her very first tutorial on how to do it.

Things you will need 2X2 inch square of medical gauze and cheapo Dollar Store make up kit.
Organ Eye Payment card Brown hair

First you open the gauze, unfold, and stretch it out into desired size.
Hand Thread Child Crochet Knitting

Net Thread Wool Fishing net Textile

Next, wad it up and rub it into the desired colors of the make up kit. This one only had 10 colors but there are some with 20 or more to choose from.
Nail Eye shadow Eye Organ Hand

Nail Hand Finger

Lastly, roll the gauze between your hands like you're making a Play-Doh snake to blend the colors.
Skin Nose Selfie Arm Long hair

VIOLA! Barbie doll Creepy Cloth to creep out your Barbies or give more realism to your Monster High dolls.
Doll Hair Toy Nose Cheek

Hair Doll Hairstyle Nose Forehead

Questions, comments, and critiques welcome (as long as they are age appropriate :D) Our kids are the future of haunting. I'de say she's off tho a good start.

Marc V.
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