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Wondering if anyone has used helium balloons to have ghosts flying up high. Thinking about making a ghost out of white and attaching some black balloons with black string to them so that they dance around in the sky. Also wondering about making some Air Dancers that you attach to a fan. Has anyone created anything like this. We are having a portion of our haunting experience outside this year and I want people to see things in the trees, etc.

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You'd need a VERY lightweight fabric to use helium balloons and even then, several balloons to get any sort of lift (or one BIG one).

I looked into doing an air dancer ghost one year, but the fan alone was over $300... and to get a custom made ghost dancer made.... ouch!:eek:

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I'm sure those air dancers can be done...I experimented with trash bags and a little fan last year with encouraging results, but I'll bet if you got a nice sized room fan you'd be in business.
The trick with the trash bags is to lay down, say, a 2x4 next to the seam and hit it with a heat gun-- the trash bag melts to itself and you can make any shape you need.
There's some info here: Inflatables
Of course, you have to leave the top open for the air to flow out, unlike their balloons, but the melding concept still holds

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sky dancers

I was wondering about the same thing. We have lots of trick-or-treators so I want to decorate again with something different. I always play music and some people dance so a sky dancer will encourage more to dance and have fun.
Sounds complicated to make one and find a fan to blow it up. You could buy the fabric at the fabric store and cut out as you want. Glue with fabric glue. Find a fan that will blow hard enough.
I found ghost sky dancer at skypuppet.com on sale for 109 and add a blower for 159. Costs for shipping. Be about 300 but cheaper than anywhere else I've looked even though I won't need one 20 feet tall in front of my house. I will look for shorter ones. If I can get an all white one, I can add some decor to it. A fan for a smaller one should be less expensive. :rolleyes:

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I work with Helium balloons everyday and couldn't tell if the helium balloon will work without trying. To many factors will effect the lift of the balloon, altitude, temperature, size, wind, etc.
The good news is it will not cost much to try and if it works, it would be a low cost effect.

You most likely will need at least a 16" latex balloon. You can get diamond clear balloons which might hide how the ghost works. You can also get the 16" balloon in white with a ghostly face on it. Add some very light weight cloth to the bottom of the balloon and it might be the effect you are looking for. You might have to replace the balloon often (balloons don't do as well in the weather.)

They also make lights that can be inserted into balloons so they flash or flicker. I've never used them but have seen them and they look pretty good at night.


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I have done it.
A few years ago I made a ghost that floating in the air. I used about 20 black helium balloons to raise it up. The ghost was made of white silk. I used a white helium balloon for the head and sprayed some 3M glue on it then drapped the silk over it. I painted on some eyes with black paint. The white hellium balloon was anchored to the ground with 20 pound fishing line. The fishing line continued up several feet to the black balloons above. Wind is a factor here.
If you have a windy night, the ghost will be all over the place and will tangle with everything. If I did it again, I would have several strands of fishing line in sort of a tripod formation to keep the ghost more stationary.
Hope that helped.
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