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bagpiping skeleton.. prototype.

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just thought I would share a work in progress.

with the use of a 425 servo, and crank shaft I was able to come up with this guy for my cemetery.

he will be dressed and pipes and mouth piece are still being worked on... I was thinking of adding a 3 axis skull and also make his foot tap.

used the Costco skeleton and need to adjust the arms a bit. his lower hand does not move as well so I will need to adjust the crank shaft.

happy haunting.

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That is AWESOME!! As a competitive bagpipe player myself, I had to click on this thread. Nice movement on the fingers (not that anyone will notice) and the tune "Going Home" is a traditional funeral song as well. Absolutely love this!
Wow! I wouldn't have know whether the finger movements were accurate for bagpipe playing, but I certainly noticed they look great!
Oh My God. how did you do this??
unscrew the wrist and elbow of the Costco pose n stay

I cut the fingers where they join the hand and glued plastic hinges from hand to fingers. model shop carries the hinges, hot glue gun works best.

crank shaft below drops down into pvc pipe and I use three wooden balls to keep it tight inside.
servo on top connects to the crank shaft with a rod attachment I got at servo city.

drill small holes into the fingers so they line up with the crank. drop a long screw to connect to the shaft.

a notch on the pvc to hold the servo and hot glue to seal the servo in place.

reposition the elbows so the line up and use large screws to keep it tight.

I used VSA to control movements.

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He is fantastic!

I love the crank shaft notion....I never even considered doing something like that!

I'm curious if there are any other skeletal musicians on the forum. Maybe your piper, and my violinist can scare up some friends, and make some beautiful music together.

love it, now you got me thinking..
Beyond awesome!!!
Totally cool!
I LOVE IT...Amazing work, hope to see the finished version.
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