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bad side of wizard of oz/flying witch help

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Our family is planning on doing a creepy, twisted version of wizard of oz. So far the plan is to have a couple munchkins sewing wings on a monkey in a very inhumane way while another monkey watches in fear from a hanging cage. I also want to have the witch flying above them. We have two large oak trees in the front yard and want to somehow attach her to it. I am by no means a pro at this and am really challenging our skills this year. So please if anyone has input on how I can accomplish this it would be a great help.
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Run some 1/8th inch wire rope between the trees (paint the wire black). This should be strong enough to hold most any witch you put out there.
Home Depot - 30 foot rope wire kit

Crimp a loop in the middle to hold the witch.

Dangle the witch with fishing line from the loop.

Use some black thread as guy-wire to the witch, to keep her from spinning in the wind.

Light from below with spots.
thanks ugly joe, I have a bundle of tie wire that will be good for this.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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