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I know a lot of people do this, what is your backstory?

We haven't had one before .. But it seems to have cropped up this year. ;)

Our giant inflatable spider has quite a following of small kids that stops by to see him everyday. His head moves back and forth and the other day we noticed he'd finally worn a slash across his neck. So he sat pitifully deflated on the cottage roof for a while, then was removed for a day and night for repairs .. This has brought on a lot kids asking me what happened to him. With the help of a lot of great people here, he's been repaired and back is back in action .. With a scar on his under neck side.

So here comes the 'back story' that I've been telling and why. I told them the skellies in front on our main house have been terribly jealous of his attention and after a lot of grumbling, tried to do a raid to take over the cottage around back too! ;) A lot of kiddie outrage was expressed over that. :D We told them don't worry the spider has revenge on his mind. ;) Ok it explains away the scar .. I did the same thing when I got nailed in the head with a ski rope going 60 plus miles an hour a couple of years ago. Sported and still do a scar coming out of my hairline, it's much, much less noticeable now. For a while people would get fixated on it and pretty much be talking to it. So I'd say things like .. Ninja star attack and they'd laugh .. Don't know why they'd laugh .. My family and friends find this a plausible story knowing me. :p Anyhow, it would then open up for them to ask what happened without being rude. Then they could look me in the eyes and talk to me. ;)

So as for the revenge .. It's in the works for next year. We own 3 large lots, the main house being on a corner .. the cottage in a bit in back of our main house on the side road. We have a long connecting side yard. I'm loving the idea of hundreds of spiders coming off the cottage being sent out by the big spider and marching up the side yard, past the back driveway .. To be met with skellies on the side of the main house .. like in the pictures trying to repel the attack.

So there's a war coming my friends .. :D
(And I will be spending the summer making spiders ..LOL )


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