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Last weekend we had our annual Camping Harvest Fest at a local state park here in Michigan. This was our 13th year and a full house as usual. I historically would setup a very large graveyard and it was a great hit. I have to admit I was getting tired so we camped last year but didn’t setup anything. I even was contemplated selling my 7+ pallets of stuff and closing my Halloween chapter. But this year I broke out a few things and really had a great time. I am now regenerated and ready to go full force again next year. I am so glad I took a year off. If you are at the same point I was taking a year off and get away from it was the best medicine for me. Having several people asking about our big site and when I was going to do it again, the screams of little kids (and adults, my body bag guy always gets them) , and the smell of campfire definitely helped! So anyways here are a few pics of our modest setup.

A shot of my creep


My son in his stalkabout and a bunch of groupies :)


Lastly our site

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