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Two years ago I had been active on this board for several months. Being an educator, things got very busy in late October of 07 and I started to get very stressed and tired . Thought I was just burned out.... Boy was I wrong.

On April 1, 2008 I was diagnosed with a stage four tumor and stage three cancer in my colon---- thats how the doctors describe it. I had surgery to remove the tumor.. Went well but I went septic and nearly died. Had to have another surgery --- went through thirty units of blood in one night... Yep 30! I spent the better part of seven weeks unable to move and on a ventillator. In June of 08 I was moved to a rehabilitation center where I had to relearn how to stand, walk, etc. So I could have another surgery.
I spent six months in there... My father then passed on October 21 of 08... I was allowed to go to the funeral ... In a week I was discharged for a month and then I went back in the hospital in December for more surgery... I stayed in the hospital basically until feb of this year.... I still need one more surgery next summer but I get to go back to teaching in three weeks....My story actually made the front of our newspaper and the Internet. LOL. My students filled the hospital daily.. Kids are amazing..
Anyway, I'm back :) I didn't know many of you. But I participated in the Halloween exchange... I had nookie and the person who had me was amazing ! I'm so very excited to be back among the living. I'm
Only 44 so I have many Halloweens left....looking forward to more haunts and glad to say hello! Hehehe. M

Going bump in the night..
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Welcome back Hal - that's one hell of a road you've been on...hope next years surgery will take care of everything for you.

The good news is: there's absolutely no shortage of interesting stuff on here, since you've been away, and the Halloween exchange is now called the "Secret Reaper" exchange, and there's a thread on it in the General section...I don't think it's too late to sign up, if you wanted to do that again.
(try this one)
(and this as well)

Good to have you back!

Devilishly Dutch
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I remember you. I tend to remember members with Ohio in their names or in their profiles since I'm originally from Cincinnati.
Glad you are back with us and I hope your health journey continues down a positive path.
Along with the reaper exchange that Ugly Joe mentioned (still have a hard time typing that lol) we also have a halloween card exchange going on as well, if you are interested.


Get each one of those great students of yours to make at least one and you are SET! haha

Good luck,

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