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I see everyone's great work and thought I'd share a little side project I put together with my buddy a couple of years back. We made a full size toe-pincher and another for about a 12 year old to get into. These have worked great, unbelievable how many easy scares you get when you open the coffin and scream at your visitors (plus they're great storage for skellys during the rest of the year).

Anyway, we had some leftover wood, and after drinking our way through the big ones, we decided a multi-use toe-pincher was in order.

We actually put in more details on this one than the big ones. It's lightly stained, with chains and some paint as you can see. We lined it with leftover foam from our tombstones, lined that with some thick black plastic (leftover from lining the garage walls) and wah-la, the coffin cooler was born. On the night of Halloween, it's a coffin in the graveyard, but on party night it holds about 5 cases of adult beverages. :D

Hope y'all enjoy.


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