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Baby Fat Zombie baby, sound/light black cat, 2-headed baby demon, winged demon FS

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I was going to put these all on craigslist/ebay, but I thought I'd give the community a shot at them to gauge if there's any interest first. PM me if you're interested. I have a few latex props (including a discontinued animated spirit zombie baby) and a light up black cat for sale. See below for asking price + (shipping will be calculated based on your distance). Batteries not included! :)

Baby Fat Zombie Baby (2012 Spirit exclusive run now discontinued) Asking: SOLD
This baby lights up and makes farting/burping noises when activated. Motion and sound activated as well with batteries. Used only for one season. So mine is in immaculate like new condition. See links below for a demo and for spirit's specs:

Foam winged demon (can't remember where I got him, but this little guy is also in excellent condition aside from a small tear underneath his neck that's not visible because it's all black. The tear is from latex aging and doesn't seem to be progressing at all). Asking: $25
Legs and wings are posable. Measures: 15'' H x 20'' L wingspan.

Light up eyes/sound activated meowing scaredy cat (new with Sunstar tags)[/U] SOLD
Furry cat is sound activated and screeches/yowls with light up red eyes when activated. Tail is posable. Very startling. Batteries not included.
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What is your lowest you would want to sell him for? I have the same one from 2012 but I paid $39.99 plus tax.

Thank you
Yeah. He's a collectible now, which is why I'd like to make a bit of money after offering the other props that I've been selling at about 40-50% less than purchase price. Honestly, I'd only knock about $5 off ($75). I was going to put him on ebay for $90 (he fetches $90-$99).
Zombie baby, Cat and Twin Demon Baby doll sold. Winged Demon still available.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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