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Baby Costumes ?

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I am thinking about getting a costume for the little one's first Halloween.

does anybody have experience with baby costumes like the ones here:

Children New Costumes for 2009

They seem safe enough. Can a baby about 16 months be in these costumes for a few hours and be ok?
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I don't have any kids, but I do sell kid's costumes to Mom's and Dad's. Here are a few of my observations: Safety first! Make sure the child can see, masks and glasses on kids that young can cause them to run into things. The costume shouldn't be so big that he/she will trip on it. Keep in mind that tails and wings might be too much if the child is very active.

If you're in an area where it gets cold in October, make sure the costume is warm enough if you're going to be outside, or you'll have to cover it with a coat. Remember, not all kids want to (or will) wear a hat or hood on their head, so the body of the costume should get the idea across of whatever the costume is supposed to be.

I don't recommend make-up for the little ones, but if you must, make sure you use a water-base make-up (Ben Nye Aquacolors are great) for easier removal. Don't use oil-based make-up or greasepaint and you'll be scrubbing them all night and kids don't like it much. And, they'll get it all over everything, too.

After all that, I can't wait to see the pics of your little one in costume, Halloween Fan!
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