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Babadook Theme Invitations for 2015 party (someone called the police!!!)

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Here was my save-the-date/invitation I sent out this year. I like to keep things vague and creepy. I've been scaring people like this for years, and like to add some new recipients every year. Well this year a co-worker's wife was so unnerved she had the police come out. I must say I'm proud of myself!
It is a little pop-up book I made based on the one from the movie, "The Babadook."

Design Book Pattern Pattern Paper

Font Finger Paper

Design Font Book Paper

I throw a big party at a hall. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to decorate the place, in keeping with this theme? I have some, but suggestions would be most appreciated. There is a stage that the DJ is on, that I like to set up. It's got me a little stumped.
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Ha, if I didn't see that movie, I think I would have done the same because that book was DISTURBING! Since you're a fan of the movie, if you go to their website, you can add your email to their list. They go funded a real book and will let you know when it comes out.
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