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Axworthy pulley setup help

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I am trying to build an Axworthy flying ghost. I have scoured the internet, this forum and other Halloween related forums, photobucket, and Youtube but I cannot figure out how to attach the pulley to a rod/screw without it tightening on its own to the point that it does not rotate.

I am using laundry pulleys which are less than 1/4 in bore so I cannot use 1/4 bolts (it would have been nice). I have included some pictures of what I am trying to do. I will be using a wiper motor. A V-belt will drive the pulleys. I have used a 3" 10-32 machine screw as a rod to the first set of pulleys. It is attached to a bracket so that the height of the pulley matches the drive pulley on the motor. I have put 2 nuts, then a washer, then 2 laundry pulleys (which have been bolted together to function as one), then a washer and then a nut.

When I rotate the pulleys, the nut (from the side closer to the bracket) tightens up and the pulleys stop rotating. Any suggestions as to what to do or how to fix what I am doing so wrong?
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Hey,Kentucky!Thanks again for the ghost last year,its awesome.Just wish I needed more.I too used bike wheels for my axworthy,see previous post.They work great and are cheap from GoodWill.
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