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Axworthy pulley setup help

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I am trying to build an Axworthy flying ghost. I have scoured the internet, this forum and other Halloween related forums, photobucket, and Youtube but I cannot figure out how to attach the pulley to a rod/screw without it tightening on its own to the point that it does not rotate.

I am using laundry pulleys which are less than 1/4 in bore so I cannot use 1/4 bolts (it would have been nice). I have included some pictures of what I am trying to do. I will be using a wiper motor. A V-belt will drive the pulleys. I have used a 3" 10-32 machine screw as a rod to the first set of pulleys. It is attached to a bracket so that the height of the pulley matches the drive pulley on the motor. I have put 2 nuts, then a washer, then 2 laundry pulleys (which have been bolted together to function as one), then a washer and then a nut.

When I rotate the pulleys, the nut (from the side closer to the bracket) tightens up and the pulleys stop rotating. Any suggestions as to what to do or how to fix what I am doing so wrong?
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Axworthy Pulley

For the stand off pullies we always use big 4 inch clothes line pullies and run a 3/8's bolts through them stacking washers to level out the position of the pulleys, but then again were also using 1/4 inch thick 16inch x 16 inch L brackets and you can drill or tie them to just about anything.
We found that by doing that it solves a lot of the issues and headaches.
The L brackets are about 6 or 7 dollars from your hardware store but well worth the investment to get rid of the headaches associated with that part of the axworthy setup.
Bradbaum is right, the nylon lock nuts are very good for friction situations.

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KY... where can I get 3/8 bolts? The Home Depot carries only 1/4 bolts. (Being new to Queens does not help either). I knew where to but stuff when I lived in California. :)
Some Hardware stores only carry up to 1/4 you should be fine with 1/4.
We just use the 3/8's on large setups because it allows us to be able to tighten the rope down to some seriously ungodly force allowing us to be able to drag bodies / blucky skeletons / balsa wood fake chairs and other stuff a customer want to float around his or her house.
If you find that the standoff pulleys are binding when something hits that section then you may need to move up to bigger bolts or even try to stack washers to help out with the pulley binding because when the load arrives at each pulley they tend to flex if not stout enough.
Try the 1/4's first as you dont want to have to over kill stuff unless you like me and believe every thing you do should be over kill.
If you need the 3/8's im sure we have a crap load of em sitting around in 3 inch 4 inch and 5 inch if you need them.
Just holler if you have any problems this is one of my favorite projects and I have built quite a few of them.

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Axworthy Motors

I always try to keep my eyes open for motors for you guys and gals to put in our used items section on the web site.
Once I find one, test it, clean it and what not and post it, it's usually gone within 48hrs, people watch that section on our site like crazy because we put stuff in there for cheap just for you guys and gals.
The best motors in the used department we have found to be the following because they have a frame which saves you all a lot of headache, the speed is always good, best of all they are rated for continous duty and the shafts are usually long allowing for clearance and the power is enough to break fingers:D which is exactly what you want.

CONCRETE AND PAINT MIXER MOTORS - Usually 1/4hp or 1/8hp
GIANT CLOCK MOTORS - Usually 1/6hp
My Favorite - X-Ray Machine Motors :eek: Usually 1/2hp

We should have some motors coming in next week.
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