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I went out to get my shoes when I saw IT on the front porch. the-walking-dead-albums-gift-spookybella-picture180265-dsc-0332.jpg

And what came in it was even better. the-walking-dead-albums-gift-spookybella-picture180266-dsc-0334.jpg

The box that sally came in was awesome... the-walking-dead-albums-gift-spookybella-picture180269-dsc-0338.jpg

And I got two cool masks (Sally is in this picture)...

Last I got a "Jack-Pack" a.k.a. a backpack. the-walking-dead-albums-gift-spookybella-picture180270-dsc-0339.jpg

Thank you Spookybella977. I loved everything. It was quite the shock to get a package from my victim. You made my month. :D
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