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Australian here! Any fellow Australians have any tips on decorating with our nations limited options for Halloween?

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DIY's are welcome or any shops you know what have good stuff would be great!
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Craft would be our usual stores: Bunnings (Esp. construction isle), Amazon, spotlight & Lombard’s (or even Office works if desperate for paper).

Affordable craft items may be: Cardstock for shapes/silhouettes, hazard tape, construction zone/zoning items (Lights, orange mesh, caution/danger tapes), basic wood palings or if more premium, cypress planks, sleepers for bases (or concrete set in bucket), spray/liquid paints, etc.

Here are a few places for buying premade items:

Lombard’s (The Paper People) – Moderate animatronics, static items, costumes. Limited 50% off several times a year.
Spotlight – Smaller nick-nacks, very basic items, costumes
Costco – Big animatronics $$$ / larger props – limited batch
TK Max – Home Décor (Halloween themed)

Halloween Alley (By the party People) – online only in 2021 / limited import stock (See FB)
Amazon/eBay AU

$2 Shops (i.e.: I Heart This Store, Uncle Bucks, The 2 dollar Superstore {Westfield shopping centres}, etc)
$2 super stores (i.e.: Dollar King)
Party Super stores (Generic)
Diaso ($2.80 store)
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