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Audrey II: Feed Me! (3rd Growth Stage)

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So, I'm not quite sure if this can go here, but last year in January, Little Shop of Horrors was playing at a local theater and I was all obsessed with it at the time. So, on one of the last few weekends it was showing, I decided to go dressed as a female Seymour, with a working Audrey II puppet in hand. The costume itself was the simple part. Just a white, collared, button-up long sleeve top, a dark brown sweater, dark, khaki pants and some dress shoes, as well as my glasses and the bandages I had on most of my fingers due to an accidental run-in I had at the college with a skater guy.

Twoey was going to be more of an issue. We worked all week, running around to get supplies and working together after school on painting, gluing, shaping, cutting, etc.

Here is what it became:

Plant Houseplant Aloe Drink Bottle

Cactus Flower Plant Houseplant Terrestrial plant

Cactus Houseplant Flowerpot Plant Flower

Green Leaf Pink Flower Plant

Product Drink Brand

He is inspired by the Audrey II in the Little Shop of Horrors musical film starring Rick Moranis, Helen Greene, and Levi Stubbs as Seymour, Audrey, and Audrey II.

The items used to make this puppet were:

1. Moss and Lichen

2. Various plastic leaves

3. Fishing wire

4. Maxwell Coffeehouse Can

5. Acryllics

6. Sharpies

7. Foam egg

8. Foam cylinder

9. Wooden "stake"

10. Hot glue

11. Sanding Gun

12. A small plastic clamp to keep the head pieces together.

You can get most of the stuff at Hobby Lobby or Michael's, or maybe even Joann's. The only thing from H-E-B was the Maxwell can, and the only item on the list from the fishing/sports/outdoors stores was the fishing wire.

What we did is we punched a tiny hole in the bottom of the can and then drilled that hole all the way up through the styrofoam cylinder that would be inside the can. The holes are places where the fishing wire goes through. On top of the styrofoam in the can is, of course, most of the moss and lichens, making it look like dirt (done also with hot glue). We used a wooden stake to fix his head to a body and keep him "rooted" in the styrofoam, and of course hot glued moss, leaves, and the back of the head, that is to say, the clamp to the stake as well as gluing the stake in place. We hollowed out little holes in the back of each half of the styrofoam egg (the head) into which we hot glued the clamps. But before much of this was done, we punched a hole in the lower jaw and made a threading hole in the upper jaw after cutting them apart, hollowing them out and shaping the lips. Before gluing on the head, we of course, had to paint it. We first did some basic plant shades with the acryllics, then sort of washed them off when we decided he didn't look alive enough. We went through a few trials and errors before one of us decided to grab a blood red sharpie and draw veins coming from the base of his head. We then painted some greens over that and rubbed it out a bit on purpose to mix the colors. We decided it made him look like he had human blood coursing through his veins, so it was perfect. After that, we faded the rest of the head's normal colors out to the lighter lip colors. When the lips dried, we painted the inside of the mouth, let that dry and then fastened the head to it's clamp. As a sort of last minute thing, I remembered that Twoey seemed to have had something like a poisonous flower design on the inside of his mouth in the film, so I added a brightly colored flower as his "throat".

I also made sure he had his "arms" and "tail" like in the film, as well, although he isn't an exact replica.

So, what do you guys think?
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Love this! So creative and brilliantly executed.
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