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Audio suggestions needed...

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Hi all..I have just completed a pneumatic animatronic Tiki Totem pole. His name is Tahula, and he stands 7 feet tall. His mouth can be synchronized to ANY audio input (without music)...Anyone have any ideas as to what this guy can say? I have been testing him with Disney's Haunted Mansion audio, but I'm looking for some Hawaiian, Polynesian, or even some funny MP3's or WAV files...I can burn the audio onto a CD, and play it back through the controller, and it will synch its mouth to the audio...unfortunately, there can be no background noise or music, or it will "trip" the controller and respond accordingly causing "chatter"....any ideas on where I can find some cool phrases for him to repeat?

Thanks in advance...:) oh, and by the way, Tahula is the guy on the right...LOL
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Speaking of Disney sounds, I wonder if the tiki chants from the Enchanted Tiki Room are available? Those are kind of ominous-sounding. Beautiful prop!
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