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Attention SoCal Haunters

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Haunted House Garage sale! Hi everyone My name is Larry Carr and I'm the owner
of Abracadaver Productions, And I'm having a Garage Sale at my shop Sat. the 25th
of April. It's time once again to clear out the shop of all the stuff I don't use any more. Like Stilts, Crows, life size Pigs, Masks, Costumes, Heads, Busts, Bones, Mummies, Archways and more. They will be priced to move! So come on by for some great deals and Haunt Talk!
I am about 7 miles North of Disneyland. Any questions call me @ 714 526-7334

10:00 to 2:00 Sat the 25th of April.
Abracadaver Productions
2021 W. Commonwealth ave. unit J
Fullerton, CA. 92833

Larry Carr
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Went over to see the Abracadaver shop today, and meet Larry - he has some terrific props!!
Wish I had more money to spend on Halloween this year...I think a lot would have gone today.

His masks are fantastic, along with the props.

Got a chance to talk with him for awhile - really nice guy, in addition to being so skilled.
I'm starting to save now for my next chance to buy props...I have a pretty good idea where I'll be going.

By the way - the pictures on his website showcase his props nicely, but they look better in person. Really good stuff.

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Aw man, UJ, you should have swung buy and picked us up too!! I just saw this today!!!!

Larry, maybe you can have another sale sometime soon. I would love those Haunted Mansion busts!!!

Oh and your resume is quite impressive!!!! Sounds like a dream job to me.

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The Garage sale went very well Loki33. a lot of Haunters and a lot of haunt talk. I still have stuff left over, So yes I will do it again Buckaneerbabe. Most of the things are still out so if your in Fullerton During the week call me and come by. 714 526-7334.

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